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Recertification CEU Amounts

CEUs have changed to 12 total, 8 of which must be USAT CEUs. The remaining 4 CEUs can either be USAT or non-USAT CEUs.

This CEU amount is the same for all coaching levels (LI, LII, LIII). You can find all USAT CEU opportunities here: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-triathlon/usat-for-me/coaching/education/non-usat-ceus and https://www.teamusa.org/usa-triathlon/usat-for-me/coaching/education/usat-approved-ceus.

Please note, if you are a youth and junior coach, 5 of your CEUs must be youth focused.

If you are a paratriathlon coach, 5 of your CEUs must be paratriathlon focused.

If you are a long course coach, 5 of your CEUS must be long course focused.