2021 Exams

Please use this link: https://www.triathlonlearning.com/bundles/endurance-exchange-2021-coach-usat-ceu-exams to complete 10 of the 17 coaching exams of your choice.

To view a recording, please go click the “go to conference” orange button on    https://www.enduranceexchange.com/event/b5726926-385d-4bad-8491-9bda67404779/websitePage:f5f1940b-980e-4398-96f6-3b681ef5e4a3?environment=P2&5S%2CM3%2Cb5726926-385d-4bad-8491-9bda67404779=. Then click the "all sessions" tab, click the particular date of the sessions you’d like to view,, and click "replay" to watch a recording. Assessments can be re-taken at no charge if needed. The assessments are included in the price of E2, so no further payments are necessary.
For coaches using Endurance Exchange 2021 to apply towards 2020 recertification, all 10 exams for CEU credit must be completed by 2/1. Please email coaching@usatriathlon.org the names of the exams you’ve completed so that we can expedite your processing.